Jaswant C. Jagwani - Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Jagwani is a self-made ambitious individual who started his career from a low level job and shot to fame in a span of a decade, only because of his immense dedication towards his profession and the continual R & D processes he made his team indulge in, so as to proactively create major improvisions in his line of work and contribute significantly to the nation’s development by supplying premium quality material to the largest PSUs and Conglomerate giants for various oil and gas projects, chemical fertilizers, pharmaceutical companies, Power plants, Atomic plants, etc. His prime asset has been his unending determination and his fearless confidence which has taught him to combat the worst and emerge victorious in all circumstances, irrespective of the degree of obstacles that have come his way. He is the strongest inspirational force that the Sawan Team will ever have, and many have attempted to follow his footsteps as they believe in his ability to withstand the worst and hold on strongly under immeasurable duress and pressure. His knowledge of his chosen field is in-depth and he ensures to implement it every step of the way as he continues to lead his team onwards towards broader horizons and greater success.

Ashok Tanwani - Director - Technical

Ashok Tanwani leads the Sawan Technical Team and is also responsible for production planning. His strength lies in his profound and completely thorough insight of the manufacture of pipe fittings and flanges, along with the various codes of manufacture which are stringently adhered to during the manufacturing processes conducted at Sawan. Quality is his major concern, and under no circumstances does he allow any waiver in terms of quality of the products that Sawan manufactures. Beginning at a very young age, Mr. Tanwani has carved a significant niche for himself in his respective field over the years, and is well known all over the country and abroad for his technical prowess as he is also a respected member of ASME, International. In other words, it can be aptly stated that he is the backbone of the organization, the reason it is standing tall today, in this most competitive era of technology and development. Mr. Tanwani’s support brought Sawan to its major turning point as accreditations and accolades were awarded to the organization after he joined hands with the MD to make their mutual dreams a beautiful living reality. Even today, their relationship is unmatched and is the reason behind the company’s consistent growth.

Ashish J. Jagwani - Director - Procurement

One of the youngest directors in the Engineering Industry, Ashish Jagwani has emerged as tough competition to the best in this field. His analytical skills and innovative inputs have geared Sawan Group of Companies to a new level of fruition. He is responsible for quoting prospective client enquiries and developing marketing strategies on the domestic as well as international front. He epitomizes entrepreneurship and has accomplished great feats through his calculative moves and unfailing tenacity in marketing Sawan's product range. As he is techno-conscious to the core, he also brought about the implementation of SQL based software in the office, which only enhanced their beaming levels of productivity. His primary focus is centralized on customer relations which he truly values and always gives priority to. It is this infallible attribute in his persona that makes him a respected part of the Sawan Family.

Ronak Makhija - Director - Marketing

Ronak Makhija holds an irreplaceable position in the organization as his tremendous input towards development of business and its various related marketing strategies is note-worthy. Being the result oriented man that he is, he has given the company his very best and expects the same from his colleagues, driving them with sound guidance and sharp observations to reach their destinations of monumental targets and appreciable goals. His expertise in the field of marketing and his capabilities as a relationship builder have assisted him in leading the Sawan Team further towards greater heights of fame. Today, Sawan is a well known name in the field of pipefittings, flanges and allied piping solutions because of his steady and productive approach towards each client and their various needs which he has assured to have taken care of. Sawan Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has crossed various levels of transition, only to get better with the passage of time, and the credit of this social lift goes to Mr. Makhija. Of course, “enough” is never enough, so the quest for more continues and we shall keep expanding our aims and work towards their fulfillment.