Reseach & Developement

In the Engineering Department, R & D is nothing but efforts based on trial and error, which lead to important revelations that guide us better in the manufacturing process, whereby we can continually improvise on quality and delivery time. We, at Sawan, keep on trying and doing research in the engineering division, with a selection of "X" raw material on which we apply "y" heat treatment so as to achieve "z" material as a final product. with this, we come up with a product that is available at a cost effective price and it favors the client with quick delivery as well. Our main focus is on the material, which may not be as per the code, but if the accurate knowledge of chemistry is applied in the correct format, we can treat the material as per our time-tested theory and make the material conducive and thus, conforming to all the stated specifications. This implementation of acquired knowledge through R & D is the advantageous factor on which Sawan prides itself. We consider R & D as a strong base for our organization to satisfy the requirement of the customers and gain their trust in our ability to perform beyond their expectations. Our consistent endeavors through this department have led to the initialization of and progression through manufacture of specialized products like Split Tees, Flow tees and Barred Tees along with SS Duplex fittings. Further on, our efforts at achieving more and more accomplishments shall continue through our research and development team.